Textile Design

Quarantine Quilts

September 2021


Being in the midst of the pandemic, Raw Color investigated on how to work with limited resources and how to transform a crisis into a possibility. This optimistic mindset reflects in the way they approached the this project. They utilised the time to work on this self-initiated project, that more than once proved to serve as an inspiration for new projects. Combining all elements and ingredients that work as a base for the studio lead to the Quarantine Quilts. Different colours of the versatile Planum palette (which Raw Color designed for Kvadrat Febrik) feature in various combinations and proportions giving each quilt its own characteristic.

'We wanted to challenge ourselves to work with limited resources and handcraft. The confinement led to a mindset that is reflected in the way the quilts are constructed.‘

From simple quilts with bigger colour areas, to more detailed ones, with plenty of different colour combinations. The edges of each quilts are profoundly finished with a detailled hem. Inspired by measuring tape, each hem has several the colour planes. The amount of plains is again in perfect harmony with the amount of colour used in the rest of the quilt. Altogether, this resulted in four different quilts that clearly belong to the same family.  

Raw Color team: Daniera ter Haar, Christoph Brach, Mirjam de Bruin, Tijs Van Nieuwenhuysen, Jasmijn Schoonen

Quarantine Quilts is Part of Prpject Planum, taht are our projects developed by the studio, all united by the use of Planum. The colour design process of Planum, the interactive installation Chroma Columns, the handcrafted Quarantine Quilts and the refined wall pieces Field Frames.


Quilt 01


RawColor_Quilts_Studio24 copy

RawColor_Quilts_Studio34 copy

RawColor_Quilts_Studio29 copy

IMG_8332_2 copy

Quilt 03

0P7A5306 copy 2

RawColor_Quilts_Studio6_1 copy

IMG_8904 copy

Quilt 02

RawColor_Quilts_Studio38 copy

RawColor_Quilts_Studio12 copy

IMG_9098 copy

0P7A5493 copy