Pure Spiritual – Heimtextil

November 2019


For Heimtextil 2020, the pair worked with their studio team in The Netherlands to realise the Pure Spiritual trend. “Pure Spiritual has a warm, light and fresh colour palette. It combines rough and organic with smooth and geometric which gives it an unexpected contrast. These combinations result in a sensitive and surprising theme,” the pair explains. As part of Heimtextil 2020, Raw Color created imagery reflecting the Pure Spiritual trend. “The materials are tailored from natural ingredients such as mycelium, algae and pine bark linking to the botanical world. There’s a selection of real and fake leathers, as well as textiles with classic natural fibres such as jute and wool, while the colours relate to their origin and are defined by the implemented resources.”

The project has been commissioned and Art Directed by Stijlinstituut Amsterdam - Anne Marie Commandeur.

Idealists seek perfection and purity, restoring equilibrium by connecting with the uber-natural. They embrace technology for good while shifting between realism and mysticism in pursuit of a personal haven. To address a renewed bond with nature, organic matter, raw materials and pure textiles are selected which show nature’s traces, organic structures and irregularities. Shades are created from the earth and cultured by man. An elemental and pure range reflects the source of their existence. “The man-made and natural world merge into an environment that is sensitive and stimulating for the senses. Doing good will become an important decision-maker for purchases in which the origins should be transparent and resources recognised as valuable.“

Project Team: Daniera ter Haar, Christoph Brach, Noortje de Keijzer, Mirjam de Bruijn, Tijs van Nieuwenhuysen, Fieke Klerkx

Heimtextil 2020 - Pure Spiritual from Raw Color on Vimeo.