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Perfume Blotter for Puig

June 2019


Research & Development for the Spanish fragrance editor Puig. They have commissioned the studio to work on alternative concepts for the ‘Paper Perfume Blotter’. The collaboration was directed by Cristina Noguer. Puig edits fragrances such as Prada, Dries Van Noten and Jean Paul Gaulthier. 16 concepts have been presented to propose a new take on the perfume paper blotter.

During the investigation into the paper perfume blotter the studio highlighted different aspects of the object. Shape, material, interaction have all been equally important aspects in this research. Blotters that create a flow of air when moved in different ways. Machines that move by themselves. Concepts that create a moment of intimacy when experiencing the scent, coexist next to designs that deal with the preservation of the scent. All of them aim to inspire the user. To create an experience that is special, engaging and lasting. 

Project Team: Christoph Brach, Daniera ter Haar, Mirjam de Bruijn, Tijs Van Nieuwenhuysen, Iris IJsvelt

Model: Vera de Pont


Intimate Smell Chambers
Minimal contact between the blotter and its environment ensures that no other smells interfere with the perfume. You can delve into a moment of intimacy and focus.

Perfume Blotter - Raw Color for Puig from Raw Color on Vimeo.

Nose Mask
This folded blotter defines and embraces the space around the nose. It invites the nostrils for an optimal experience of smell creating an iconic image. 

The simple visual movement of a blotter attracts people to come closer and experience the subtle breeze of scented air generated by the machine.


Haze Catchers
Their delicate construction allows them to react on the slightest air movement. A tiny breeze is enough to create feedback and interaction.


Liquid Fusion
The ink allows the liquid of the perfume to visually interact with its carrier. The perfume spreads on the paper, leaving visual traces on the prints.

Air Splitter
Minuscule perforations in paper enable air to flow freely through the blotter while waving, blending environment and smell.


Scented ink creates a visual memory around the smell and brand. The printed blotter will not just be remembered by the smell but also by the visual information.


Drip Catcher
The volume enables you to smell a pure drop of perfume without distractions.By gathering drops of perfume in its center one the unity of smell and liquid is celebrated.




Smell Capsule
Choosing a smell is a personal process which shouldn’t be hurried. Folding up the blotter creates a protecting environment around the smell, capturing it for a long period of time.


Optical Diffuser
The turning shapes support the character of the smell by their appearance. Prints and colours are moved by turning by you, enhancing the experience.


Fiber Fuser

A special surface structure absorbs and preserves the full bouquet enabling you to recall an atmosphere, person or memory for a long time.


Daily routines are broken by a sense of playfulness. Wind and movement are generated the folded structures that diffuse the scent in front of the face.


Tunnel Disperser
Layers spread the fragrance into depth and extendable space. Allowing you to direct the air flow and to dive into the depth of smell.


Haptic Stimulator
A sensitive touch by means of embossed textures provokes the use of multiple senses at the same time. Engaging the user to the fullest.


Scent Dispenser
Pre-fabricated blotters recreate the same smell experience over and over again. Dispensed by a small machine, not even human touch interferes with the perfume.


The simple folded shapes prevent surfaces from touching the table top. A simplistic reinterpretation of the classic blotter.