Exhibtion & Special piece - FR

The Fans Triplet Moustache Favoris

September 2015


The name 'Favoris' was chosen for its double meaning in French: it means 'favoured', but also, fittingly, the word indicates sideburns – a ‘close relative’ and an apt addition to the Moustache. Favoris is to be seen as a step sideways for the publishers that they are, temporarily opening up an unrestricted territory to be explored, a place for normally forbidden experiments.
The initiative is intended to promote projects that, they cannot always support and produce with Moustache but who they admire. Released from their customary constraints, they only make a list of the designers with whom they dream of working but with whom it is complicated to organise as their productions are technically futuristic or brilliantly handcrafted… So the exhibition has been put together quite subjectively, like an exploratory notebook full of impossibilities which deserve to be shown, such as Moustache’s ideal cabinet of curiosities. The exhibition was crowned with an auction at the end of the week.

A wishlist of designers and projects was put together, including those the brand hasn't been able to work with due to financial and manufacturing constraints. The result is a collection of 100 pieces by over 50 international designers, from tabletop items to furniture via lighting and conceptual objects. Participants include Mischer’Traxler, Francois Dumas, Jean-Baptiste Fastrez, Minale Maeda, Sabine Marcelis, Makkink & Bey, Arnout Meijer, Os & Oos, Bertjan Pot, Inga Sempé, Studio Swine, Clara Von Zweigbergk and others.

The exhibtion is part of Object & Maison 2015 from 3-6 September.