Exhibition - TW

Taipei Design & City Exhibition

October 2014


Feeds per Minute is presented during this exhibition which is a prelude of the Taipei World Capital 2016 programme.

With ‘Feeds per Minute’ Raw Color captures the news that spreads all over the world. Algorithms determine the aesthetic of the headline and give the news fact a red or blue -i.e. bad or good - ‘coloured’ identity. The visual output of ‘Feeds per Minute’ creates a new concept of time measured in events and archived for a digital as well as an analogue future. An infinite flow of information, data connected to a time and a place, however in continues flux. So who is to decide what is important and what is trivial? What lingers and what disappears to the background of our social awareness? Through data visualisation the fleeting moment of a digital event can be retained and pre- served; connected to a time, related to a colour, filtered by emotion.

This project is developed in cooperation with Mark Brand and Remon van den Eijnden.
Project Assistance: Iris Ijsvelt, Dominik Bubel, Flore de Crombrugghe