Exhibition & New Project

Chaumont / Preview Babel on Demand

26 May - 10 June 2012



For the annual Graphic Design Festival in Chaumont France, we've been inivted to participate in the project Babel on demand. In our case we wanted to take a close look at the border between two dimensions and the third one. All in order to create a flow of colour and geometry.

On the initiative of Étienne Hervy and Émilie Lamy, respectively artistic director and publications manager of the Festival, a number of graphic designers have been invited to take part in the project ‘Babel on demand: a monumental manifesto’. Besides the typical work of composition, graphic design in this instance is considered a way of giving material substance to a project; of formalising and treating a subject.

(Non-exhaustive) list of the designers invited to take part: Laurent Fétis, Éric Tabuchi, Thomas Mailaender, Superscript2, Guillaume Grall, Helmo, Thomas Petitjean, officeabc, Fanette Mellier, Patrick Lindsay, Tom Henni, Lieuxcommuns, Thomas Lélu, Julien Lelièvre, Benoît Santiard, Na Kim, Erik Kessels, Julia, Joost Grootens, James Goggin, Eric and Marie, Design politie, Sophie Demay, Change is good, Pascal Béjean and Nicolas Ledoux, Alex Balgiu and Thibaud Meltz, Xavier Antin, Åbäke…

More information soon...



some spreads of the book