Nest#6 - Onomatopee - HeyHeyHey

March 2011


Comfort zone & disillusion #1: HeyHeyHey Land, for Onomatopee / book / March 2011

If modern life is a fantasy, the social scenery of heyheyhey play’s upon the fantasies of these fussy disillusions via subversive, colourful experiences: a moral to lifestyle! Heyheyhey reclaims the progressive capacity of social activity within leisure’s material landscape. If modern civilisation is a fantasy, heyheyhey land’s social scenery play’s upon the fantasies of these fussy disillusions via subversive experiences that reposition our lifestyle. heyheyhey (Erik Sjouerman and Elske van der Putten) defy all categorical definitions. They could be labelled graphic designers, street artist, intervention artists or product designers… Meanwhile their statements and playfield are beyond relational art, educational art, experience art or political art. The released field is hospitable and subversive to our comfort zone as it enhances an edgy, fundamental call to live via pop cultural humour and joy.

The Nest series of 2011 is a follow up of the earlier series from 2010. Trying to keep a strong visual link with the earlier booklets we wanted to evolve their qualities into a new series. The booklets are based on a 8 page cover that is folded to the outside instead to the inside. The outer flap is slanted cut, resulting in two colour surfaces and scattered typography. This factor changes in colour and position during the series and will be coming back in the layout of the texts and photo's.

The inside attempts a nice mixture of full colour and duotonal pages, printed on Reviva Offset. The work of the specific artist is enhanced by the text from different authors and a specific chosen font type.

The ongoing series 'Nest', spotlights emerging talent in art and design. Every publication represents one artist, that is also featured in an exhibition at the Onomatopee project space.