Nest#4 - Onomatopee - Erwin Thomasse

January 2011


Onomatopee is a platform and publisher focusing on art projects reflecting on communication. The foundation aims to question the context of our designed culture through research and presentations. Onomatopee asked us to design a series of small books for the ongoing series 'Nest', that spotlights emerging talent in art and design. Every publication represents one artist, that is also featured in an exhibition at the Onomatopee project space.

With this approach in mind we tried to translate this into a design, that creates a complete image as a series, but is at the same time able to highlight each artists quality. Each booklets cover is folded oblique on the book block. It can be seen as a mismatching cover, in a way referring to the unadapted way of working of the featured artists. It exposes bits of the inside content of the book. This factor changes in colour and position during the series. The inside attempts a nice mixture of full colour and PMS printed pages. The work of the specific artist is enhanced by the text from different authors and a specific chosen lettertype.

For the Nest#4 edition '38 under par and 11 holes-in-one' we designed a book for Erwin Thomasse. Characteristic to his work is a visual language that is seemingly sensational, citing trendy pop cultural eclecticism: whatever works does the trick: fast, short-tempered and bombastic. With this book we tried to stay close to Erwins work by choosing a bit of a crazy mix of colour and fonts. Purple and a fluoresced pastel salmon colour is accompanied by a bit of a bold cartoonesk lettertype. The cover is placed in another position on the book block. Inside we used full colour sections and PMS section printed both on Reviva Offset.

- www.powerblastmovement.com