Teaching at Design Academy Eindhoven

September 2011


Shape studies by Pieter Husmann.


For the academic year 2011/12 Raw Color is appointed as teacher at the Department Man and Activity, which is under the lead of Oscar Peña.

This assignment was given to second year students and was called 'cubes'. Starting with model making foam the students were working within a range of minimum and maximum proportions of the cubes. It was up to them to apply facets or radii to the object. After the shape studies, five shapes were chosen and executed in different materials, finished and colours. The aim was to create a photo with a composition bringing the shapes and material together. The aim was to create a sensitivity between shape, finish and how to combine different materials.

Design Academy Eindhoven is a school for industrial design based in The Netherlands. The work of its faculty and alumni have brought it wide recognition.




Shape studies by Nick Jong.



Shape studies by Sotiris de Wit.




Objects and photo by Nils Chudy.


Chia-Wei Wang

Objects and photo by Chia-Wei Wang.


Jasmina Grase

Objects and photo by Jasmina Grase.


Jie Chen

Objects and photo by Jie Chen.